[In Hungarian]

The Parents’ Voice Community was formed in Hungary in 2016 so that as parents we can help, encourage and learn from each other and join our forces to be able to give more to our children and to the future generations. We strive to renew our educational system on a professional, child-centered basis. With our active participation we represent the views of parents concerning public education. 

We are thoughtful and conscious parents: we understand the social processes that we are part of in order to see the dangers that our children are facing. 

We are building a helping community: we can turn to each other with our questions and problems, and we share our knowledge and experiences, as it is easier together.

We stand out for our children: we make our voice heard when we experience problems, as that is the way to strengthen the society’s support behind quality education and the interests of our children. 

We believe that parents, teachers and all professionals working with children should co-operate for progress for a better educational system and for a society that is for the welfare of its people. 

Between October 2016 and August 2023 we worked as an informal community. Starting from September 2023, we work as a registered non-governmental organization in the form of a foundation. 

Our activities are published on our website, in our  newsletter, on Facebook and on Instragram. On our Facebook page we also speak up for the public matters that endanger the future of our children. On our homepage we have a Knowledgebase for parents, a collection of useful information regarding our public education and the issues we often face. 

One can join our helping and advocacy group on Facebook. We also have a special group to support parents in their decision and official application regarding when to start school. Our online forum ”Outspoken” is to share our views and engage in private dialogues.

We publicly represent the interests of parents; our media appearances are listed here. Our online platform ”advocate” has been developed to anonymously and safely publish our personal experiences regarding the problems of our educational system. 

Our community is not alone: we are a member of the Civil Platform for Public Education (CKP), an umbrella platform for 55 organizations including experts and NGOs dedicated to civil activism for better education in Hungary; we have been strengthening each other for many years now. The joint teacher, student and parent movement for better Hungarian educational system was awarded by a special commendation by the European Civic Forum (ECF) in 2023. 

The Parents’ Voice Community is supported by donations. Little goes a long way: even a small donation helps us reach a lot more people. We are working as volunteers, but our independent and sustainable work requires regular donations. You can donate here – we are very grateful for all the support!


Szülői Hang